In the News

The Center for Transnational Law’s faculty affiliates share their expertise with both national and global audiences:


  • Professor Sahar Aziz is quoted in Vice News discussing classism in Egyptian society (September 2020).
  • Professor Adnan Zulfiqar discusses the relationship between religious faith and COVID-19 in the Virgin Islands Daily News (August 2020).
  • Professor Penny Venetis is quoted in The Washington Post in regards to the Trump administration’s legal attack on mail-in voting, and New Jersey’s controversial voting machines (August 2020).
  • Professor Penny Venetis writes about the Trump administration’s legal attack on mail-in voting in The Houston Chronicle (August 2020). 
  • CTL Director Jorge Contesse talks to CNN en Español about the rule of law and the economy in the United States (July 2020) (in Spanish).  
  • Professor Adil Haque discusses aggression, self-defense and the laws of war in The Laws of War Podcast (July 2020). 
  • CTL Director Jorge Contesse is quoted in an NBC News article on the discrimination of  immigrants in Chile (July 2020).
  • Professor Sahar Aziz writes in Al Jazeera about the dangers of the United States silencing opposition groups by labeling them as domestic terrorists (June 2020).
  • Professor Adnan Zulfiqar is quoted in Law360 about whether the Black Lives Matters protests will contribute to more diverse juries (June 2020). 
  • Professor Chrystin Ondersma writes in The Appeal about the problems with excluding immigrants from COVID-19 relief (June 2020). 
  • Professor Adil Haque talks to The Jus Cogens: International Law Podcast about the laws of armed conflict (May 2020).
  • Professor Penny Venetis is quoted in Politico on online voting remains illegal in New Jersey (May 2020). 
  • Professor Sahar Aziz writes in Al Jazeera about the dangers of anti-Asian racism in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic (April 2020). 
  • Professor Chrystin Ondersma is quoted in The Wall Street Journal about businesses that have claimed bankruptcy being excluded from COVID-19 stimulus checks (April 2020). 
  • Professor Randi Mandelbaum signs a letter in support of ICE’s Newark Field Office implementing emergency measures to protect those in immigration detention centers during COVID-19 (March 2020). 
  • Professor Alan Hyde is quoted in on the legal protections of workers who are fired for staying home to quarantine (March 2020). 


  • Professor Sarah Dadush talks to Quartz at Work about her concept of “identity harm” (December 2019). 
  • CTL Director Jorge Contesse testifies before the Chilean House of Representatives in the impeachment proceedings against Chile’s former Secretary of the Interior for his culpability in human rights violations (November 2019) (in Spanish). 
  • CTL Director Jorge Contesse is quoted in The Washington Post discussing mass protests and inequality in Chile (October 2019). 
  • Professor Cymie Payne is quoted in The New Security Beat referring to a global treaty intended to preserve biodiversity in areas of the sea (July 2019).
  • Professor David Noll discusses how Congress must step in and regulate arbitration in Slate (May 2019).
  • Patch article discusses how the Rutgers Immigrants’ Rights Clinic, headed by Professor Anju Gupta, will be part of New Jersey’s Detention and Deportation Defense Initiative (February 2019). 


  • Professor Sarah Dadush is quoted in PR Newswire on corporate reporting and sustainability (December 2018).
  • Professor Randi Mandelbaum is interviewed by WNYC News about the status of unaccompanied migrant children in New Jersey (June 2018).
  • CTL Director Jorge Contesse is quoted in The Economist on the pushback against the Inter-American Court of Human Rights  (February 2018).
  • Professor Alan Hyde talks to Market Place about family based immigration in the United States (February 2018).


  • Professor Sahar Aziz is interviewed by NPR News about the attack of a mosque in the Sinai Peninsula (November 2017).
  • Professor David Noll discusses the Supreme Court’s decision in Murphy Oil v. NLRB in The Hill (October 2017). 


  • Professor Charles Auffant is quoted in the New Jersey Spotlight News about the Rutgers Voter Assistance Project and its work during the 2016 election (November 2016).
  • Professor Randi Mandelbaum discusses how New Jersey is making efforts to provide legal support to unaccompanied migrant children in NJ Spotlight News (May 2016).
  • Professor Alan Hyde writes in The Conversation about the $100 million Uber settlement and the enforcement of employment laws (April 2016).